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Student Life: School-Wide Learning Expectations

An Our Lady's School Student is:

Fr. Bob with students
  1. An Active Christian Who:

    1. Has knowledge of the basic tenets of the Catholic faith and of scripture.
    2. Serves the community with awareness of peace and justice issues.
    3. Participates in the sacraments, liturgies, para-liturgies, and prayer experiences.
    4. Interacts with the Parish priests and the Parish community.
  2. An Effective Communicator Who:

    1. Actively and respectfully listens to the thoughts and ideas of others.
    2. Articulates courteously and confidently in daily speech, during classroom discussions, and in writing.
    3. Demonstrates clear and concise communication in writing in all subjects.
    4. Plays cooperatively displaying knowledge of rules, good sportsmanship, and conflict resolution skills.
  3. A Life Long Learner Who:

    1. Demonstrates creative and critical thinking skills across the curriculum.
    2. Actively participates in a variety of learning experiences.
    3. Expands knowledge through field trips and outside resources.
    4. Demonstrates competency in the basic skills in all subjects.
    5. Integrates previous knowledge into current learning.
    6. Grows in proficiency in the English language.
  4. A Responsible And Globally Aware Citizen Who:

    1. Explores and celebrates various cultural, patriotic, and religious events across the curriculum.
    2. Demonstrates awareness of current events.
    3. Models positive relationships between all members of the learning community.